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No Fraud


Speaker Faculty  
Andrea Canonico Auditor - President of the Union of Young Accountents and Auditor
of Asti - Alessandria - Casale
Monica Lai Expert in EU public procurement and State aid law for the Italian
Public Administration
Ugo Liberatore Italian AFCOS Technical Secretariat Coordinator and Senior Officer at Guardia    
di Finanza Division Specialised in Countering EU frauds, at The Presidency
of Council of Minister
Nicola Tarantino Sicily Region - First level control chief officer A.d.G. P.O. FESR Sicilia
Massimo Colucciello PA Advice Partner
Hans Stander Policy Officer Fraud Prevention of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)
Valentina Romano Head of Collaborative Project Office Research Fund Raising Division
Politecnico di Torino
Jorge Guevara Lopez    
Senior Auditor - European Court of Auditors
Corrado di Fazio Professor at University of Turin, Selene SRL
Roberto Russo Audit Manager PSG (Public Sector Group)

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